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JDB Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company based in Huntsville, Alabama offering emergency repairs, system installation, preventative maintenance, and routine tune-ups. We work with you to develop solutions to emergency plumbing issues, create custom plumbing designs for your new construction, and to produce effective plans for commercial concepts. Our staff is quick & responsive, hard-working, and extremely knowledgeable. Your business is a true privilege we do not take for granted. We will provide unparalleled service at every milestone in your project from initial consultations until the day we drive away. 

We believe in honesty, quality, and efficiency.

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A drain that won't drain is just that - a drain! A clogged drain can be just that simple or an indicator of other issues within your plumbing. We will work with minimally invasive strategies as we identify the issue and develop a clear path to free flowing waters and no more clogs. 

Water heating

Conventional? Tankless? Electric pump? Solar? Water heaters comes in all shapes, sizes, and offerings. We can define the best option for your space, complete installation, and provide tune ups. David is Rinnai Certified. Our relationships with local suppliers often allow us to pass along quality products to our customers at the best possible price points.  



Pipes are the brains of your facility's plumbing layout. Where, why, and how water flows to and from your house is critical in ensuring the integrity of your quality and supply. From complete renovations to initial build outs, our team is capable to design and install top of the line pipes. 

Equipment installation & Custom Requests

A basement sump pump, the vintage sink you picked up at that estate sale, or a gooseneck hands-free faucet you scored on clearance. Whatever it is you're seeking - beautiful form or efficient function - we are happy to join in on your project. 


Not just the kitchen sink - bathrooms, wet bars, mud rooms, and more! The perfect sink and placement can add ease and comfort to your home or office. Sink installation and upgrades pack a big aesthetic punch. Let's figure out the best basin and get to work. 


Water, when not contained, can get out of hand quickly and pipes can burst without any notice. We understand emergencies happen and we want to provide calming, educated support in your time of need. At the first indication of an issue, we want to get out ahead of things to prevent damage.
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